All memberships include the full use of our complete selection of free weights, TRX system, a climbing bridge and a rock wall training station. We also provide all of the accessories (Bosu, Equalizer’s, chin up bar, Muay Thai bag, weighted bars and balls, Swedish balls, resistance bands etc.) to complete your resistance workouts

Offered for your cardio workouts are elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machine, upright stationary bikes and also “The Wave” (A cross between rollerblading and an elliptical trainer). Private televisions and audio are available on our cardio machines.

Showers, full towel service and private locker use is complimentary with your membership.

Membership Options

Month to Month

$49.00 a month unlimited cardio (you decide at months end if you wish to come for another month.

Annual Membership

$39.00 monthly
(we keep your valid CC number on file and it is charged once a month).

Day Pass

We also offer a full use, visitors day pass at a rate of $15.00 per visit.

All cardio memberships include full towel services, private television and audio.

Power Plate Personal Training

You can train with us as a member or not. I will list all the prices below for you.

We have been training clients for over ten years (over 25,000 sessions) on the Plate and the results have been wonderful. The Power Plate is an amazing tool to aid in weight loss, general fitness and improves flexibility and overall muscle tone.

All of our trainers are certified personal trainers first and then they are certified on the Power Plate. Each session is customized to your needs and lasts between 50-60 minutes beginning to end. They are always a one on one training session.


All sessions are with a certified personal trainer.

12 sessions – $719.40
6 sessions – $389.70

Single – $75.00

Group of 3 – $90