“It’s hard now to even imagine my life without Aiyoku Fitness….

I’ve always been active, and prided myself in my ability to incorporate healthy eating and balance into my routine, but until I started training I had no idea what I was missing!

I remember being ever so slightly skeptical when I first signed up to our boot camp classes. I’d done so many similar sounding classes before, and tried so many different types of training, but none had yielded the results I wanted. I found myself unmotivated and bored, and that was the end of another fad!

But not with Aiyoku.

I’ve been training at Aiyoku Fitness twice a week for over a year now (the longest I’ve ever stuck at any fitness regime), and I can honestly say that I’ve never once had the same boring work out. My trainer switches it up: Every. Single. Time. So I’m always excited to see what is in store for me.

What’s more is every session is tailored to your exact needs – whether that’s a vacation on the horizon, a weekend celebration, an event that you want to shine in, or just life in general! For the first time EVER this year, I actually wanted to have my picture taken in a bikini (which I normally dread), and I was PROUD of what I saw. It is so wonderful to feel so confident in my own skin.

On top of the amazing aesthetic results, I’ve actually never felt stronger or fitter in my life.

I’m so grateful to Aiyoku Fitness for how much they’ve changed my world for the better. I never knew what I was capable of until I walked through those doors, and he can do the same for you.”


“I have always considered myself a very fit woman, but with an autoimmune disorder making even ordinary movement a challenging event, and an osteoporosis diagnosis making some lifelong sports a danger zone, I was getting unhappy and out of shape. With proper diagnosis and steroids prescribed, I was recovering my ability to move normally, but the drug threatened bone density.  I read about how the Power Plate, which is featured at Aiyoku Fitness, can accelerate a workout, assist in rehab, and increase bone density.  I decided to give it a try and started working out weekly with my trainer, on the Power Plate in September 2013. In eighteen months, my bone density has increased by 4.1%!! I am ecstatic! And my clothes are fitting again! My trainer tailors the workout to the level of my ability, increasing or decreasing the challenge, as I may require, or be able to take on.  She’s a pleasure to work with: attentive, wise, and patient. And best of all, the results are fantastic!”


“I joined Aiyoku, 6 months ago with an interest in the strengthening and health benefits of the Power Plate machine. What I have experienced is a thoughtful integration of the Power Plate into a comprehensive fitness and cardio program, the combination of which has dramatically increased my strength and cardio fitness. After 10+ years of working out on my own and with a number of personal trainers I have never been stronger or more fit in my life.

The trainers are knowledgeable, track your progress, offer a varied program tailored to achieve your goals and offers advice for exercising on your own. Scheduling has been easy, in spite of working full-time and travelling a lot.

Aikoyu is a formula I can stick to!”


“Cottage Summers and Christmas exploring India

I consider myself an athletic person and I like to have fitness carved out in my weekly schedule. What I always found challenging was having a variety of options that kept me interested over time for the long-term. Over the years I’ve tried the “new fads” like the Nike Training program, Fit Bit, Kickboxing, Yoga, but as much as they seem like a great idea at the time, I very quickly got bored of them and stopped going. Through a colleague, I was told about Aiyoku Fitness. I signed myself up and the rest is history – my fitness world has completely changed.

What started as one small group class that I went to “check out” with my colleagues turned into a 3-times-a-week regimen at Aiyoku Fitness and now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I can honestly say, that after going 3 times a week for a year, no two workouts have been the same. My trainer always finds a way to make a kick-ass workout fun, and different from the last. They truly listen to feedback and cater to my requests and needs. After 7 months of working out with my trainer, I went away for a week-long summer vacation to a place I go to every year with extended family and friends (people who have known me my whole life and who see me year after year). I have never had more compliments or comments in a single week from so many people about how ‘fit’ I looked.

My regimen with Aiyoku Fitness holds me accountable, and has maintained a level of consistency and frequency I’ve never had before in my fitness world. Once you join, you not only become a part of the gym you become part of the Aiyoku tribe. The trainers are so personable and friendly as are all of the other guests in the gym. There is a sign that is front and center in the gym that says “You Will Feel Better” and it is not only motivating throughout each workout, but it is so true. Since my journey began at Aiyoku Fitness a year ago, I feel so much better mentally and physically and I leave each workout feeling so proud of myself.

I have now just completed my Christmas “trip of a lifetime” and again, I’m so appreciative of the results gained after another year training at Aiyoku Fitness.

My friends and family all know how much I love this place and what it’s done for me- I can’t recommend it enough! I am truly grateful.”


testimonial - razi

Christmas vacation (2017) in Indonesia.

“Thank you for everything we’ve done in the gym in the last little bit. We just did a 2hour 5km hike up a volcano and while everyone in the group was gassed and need so many breaks I needed one break in the first 20min and then I was warmed up and killed it! No breaks after that. Maintained a heart rate of 120 and practically ran back down the hill like it was nothing. And it was not an easy trail.
We go hard in 2017!”